Certifications and Properties

Quality is our credo!

Baucada has obtained the following standards & certifications for all of its products:
EN71, California 65, ATSM 963, ISO 8124.

Our jewelry is 100% recyclable, silicone free, lead free, petroleum free, phthalate free.
Batucada jewelry, sandals and placemats are part of an ethical and responsible approach.

Batucada jewelry and placemats are ethically made, by hand,
by workers with unique and delicate know-how, employed directly and responsibly
in China since 2010, in workshops controlled by the Batucada team.

The hardener used in the formulation of Batucada products is Certified Sustainable.
This hardener is used in the medical industry & in some food packaging,
studied to be put in contact with the body without risk (hypoallergenic), recyclable.

In the same environmental concern, we only use recycled and recyclable paper
to make our packaging and our displays, FSC certified.

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